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Welcome to Peachface Kids.


We are a small business specialising in baby bibs. We believe in fantastic quality at affordable prices.


Being mothers and grandmothers, we understand the need for a bib that does the job. It needs to be absorbant, keep clothes clean and look good.


Well look no further. Not only do our bibs do all that, they also wash well and dry quickly. You can wash them over and over again, they will not loose shape, stretch or shrink. They can even be put in the dryer.


Our bibs are a simple design. They easily pop over the head so there is no need for fasteners that just fall off or velcro tabs that quickly loose "stick". They are all made from a terry toweling on the front and interlock on the back. Both fabrics are very soft and stretchy and are sourced from right here in Sydney.


Collectively, we have been designing and sewing for over 60 yrs just for family and friends. But for the last 4 yrs we have been sewing our bibs to the public through eBay and at local markets. All our customers love them and are always coming back for more.


All our bibs are hand made and machine embroidered by us. There is an extensive range of colours and 3 different sizes to choose from. No order is too big or small.


Please email us at or send an equiry using our Contact Us form with any questions and for wholesale enquiries.


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